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18 September 2008

All about YOU!!!

1139pm on 18 sept 2008

** today is the tired day.. i have class started from 8 am until 5 pm( 4 classes)

** then, confusing to finished up my assignment..must be finished b4 go back to raya holiday..aiya..maybe i'm goin to be crazyyy..oinkoink..but..dun wori.. i still hv a time to post the blog..huahuhaaa...

**BTW, i want to share something to u guyss...the person who "chipsmore" for a long time suddenly emerge and find me today..started to smsing and calling me to make oink2 relationship to me again!! gez who??.. i was SHOCKED!!!..what the hell he want from me..

** too boring also...maybe go to sleep after post this stuff.class @ 8am tommorow..

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