|The Comrades|

29 September 2008


1. Name one negative thing about you:
2. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
_go to kedey top up

3. Sport you want to learn?
_bencer sport
4. Ever tried gymnastics?
5. What was the last thing you bought?
_top up
6. Do you talk a lot?
_now??no..coz i got flu
7. Where is your sister?
_lil sis ada kat umah
8. How was your day yesterday?
9. Are you an optimistic one?
_depends la
10. People describe you as:
_sensitive, manjak jugak..hahha
11. Contented in life?
_no comment
12. Do you skip meals?
_mun bz glak..terpksa la(time kt UNIMAS jak)
13. What color is your shirt?
16. Are you typically a jolly person? la
17. Name one enemy of yours:
_lack of confident
18. Name five close guy friend:
_aku listkan sebahagian jak k..erm...x perlu la
19. Who's the first person in your phone list?
_Agan(my classmates form 6 dulu)
20. What did the last text message you received say?
_ur mom ada kat umah ka???msj from my aunt
21. Do you go to gym?
22. Song playing at the moment?
_no song
23. Ever broken someone's heart?
_nopee...x mau saya
24. What makes you happy?
_his joke
25. What is the last thing you said aloud?
_forgot suda
26. Is someone bitter to you?
_arghhh tidakkkkkkkkk
27. One word to describe you right now:
28. Are you currently in a relationship?
29. Have you ever been given a rose?
_erm...ada ka??lupa
30. What is your all-time favorite movie(s)?
31. Do you believe that everyone has a soulmate?
32. What's your current problem?
_$$$$$ always not enuf...hahhaa

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