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10 October 2008

friday mood

- i'm blurring,confusing,panasing thinking about our wiki..still missunderstood how to do it..very2 weird..
-nasib hv 1 week to upload onto moprheus..
-malas mau pikir wiki dulu..i must concentrate to our statistic tat due on oct 13th...mau harapkan munyit 2 org 2...datang kelas pun x..better i do it 1st..i hate last minit stuff!!kalau terpksa..apa leh bt kan...
-then, i still in holiday mood..aventhough today already friday..naaa...masih terpahat kenangan mendaki bukit..hhahha...fresh lagi ba..
-this week, started from monday,, saya makan smua org sponser( i mean the mahal & standard meal) kalau salu mcm 2 kan best..whee!!..hope can berterusan ..kwang2..
- this is wat i did when i'm too sleepy n bored in class
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