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14 October 2008

she said....

ya... now is better than yesterday....u know y??coz asgnmt suma sudah siapp...juz tggu final exam jerrr

i already upload our wiki(already mentioned b4 this) to Morpheus((sound wierd) only Unimas stdnt only this stuff..hhaha..mau tgk x...juz click here i think this is only the simple one i created..

now our group still got 2% from voters(kurang promote kali)hahha..did i mention b4 this bout voter??? ** peratusan our group adalah yg ketiga dr kanan..c???pity kan.. more i sengaja membusykan diri with the network call "mukah social network"..veryyyyy special for Mukahan...i gv extra credit to the owner of this network..pawan..thanx bro...terubat juga mau cakap itu Melanau language ..hehhe
then..for Mukahan...sapa yg blum join ini laman.join la skrg...rugi x join..
ok i gv the lil situation wat happen at Mukah social network spent 25 hours in front my laptop

**this is only the part of the mukah social network...for more here

duhh..enuff membebel perut blom terisi lagi ..mau makan itu porridge lagi..ada jgak org kasian sama saya bila aku makan porridge..haha tenkiu
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