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12 October 2008

tired day oinkkkk


**arghh...eventhough today meaning for "resting day",but for me is the tired day...finished up our elementary statistic>due tommorow@ monday...thank God..suda siap.. then now thinking what the best layout to creat wiki ..duh..i feel my kepala sudah oink2 dengan bintang2 berkelipan...

**just can rest less than 30 minutes juz now..the same time not yet take my lunch..(lapa tika ni)

**tommorow need to wake up early to print out our asgnmt..eventhough this is group asgnmt...but only me participate to this project..what the hell..i really hate it!!doesnt matter U think!!!!argh **this is happenin my room when i busy finished up my assignment..give the extra
extra credit to myself..yeah..baybee
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