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18 November 2008

better in time

ouhhh...feel too bored...dun know wat to do..juz sleep,makan,sleep,makan,..the most routine i do at home now..huhu..i keep repeating the song by leona lewis..better in time..ouh..macam aku jak dlm video ya..ouh once again perasan punya budak..

sms-ing him..miss him so much...this week he hv final exam..x nak kaco dia hah,hah..wish ur luck..dun wori about me here..saya okie...hehhe..

lapa...blom take my lunch..juz makan bihun jer pg td..then read blog from MSN..sumthing makin "panas" there..then gua pun makin menjd "panas" when sumone seolah2 kutuk2 gua d sana..ouh..i know..he already dun hv the kuat point to shoot us..tat y he used tat tactic..hua..too funny kan..ouh..ignore it..not interested..juz interested to point out my pandangan jer..kwang2..ok..remember tat!!

ouh..cik ain..malas lagi la nak tagged2 tue..panjang gler..nnt la..lau aku rajin..aku wat erk...erk..erk..

p/s..i love you bebeh...not U..but HIM..hahha

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