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22 January 2009

all about me

dumdam cak!!..

//can't sleep..mayb i missed someone..OMG...

//owh i the same time...sem break & CNY all u guys..happy chinese new year.

//opss...yesterday i had attending the"tayangan Palestine..OMG...pity them...actuallt they oledy suffered a long2 time ago..BUT nobody know kan..pity them...owh..i don want to comment it!!.scrool down to see the PIcture...
**concentrate tgk tayangan video palestin **smbil bunyi dgr perot kelaparan..(org sebelah senyum sinis jer dgr..huh)

**bila lagi mau habis tayangan ini..perut dh lapa gilooo
**finally....waiting Banjo Cheese siap...banjo cheese satu bang..(go back to room..makan dgn lahapnya) ** continue do my assignment coz CNY holiday wanna enjoyyyyy..iyahhhaaaa

**waiting the Saturday macam mau mati..x sbr mau jumpa itu apekk..wakakakaka
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