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28 September 2008

Mukah bh....

dear bloggerss...

**i'm at Mukah now..huehue..

**what r s*ck my broadband signal here....veryyyyyyyy slowww.but i still want to online..ahaks..

**actually,yesterday i arrived @ Mukah around 8am sumthing la..then my dad n my brother pick me up at terminal...

**at the same time, terminal full of people who r waiting the bus to go back kampung maaa..

**me??lil bit tired..but still dapat smile..coz selamat sampeyy..Thank God..

**then, on the spot, ija trus bli tiket back to Koochennnngggg on 5 october @ 8am but used different bus(bintang Jaya)..hope tat bus comfortable 4 me..

** oledi 1132am..not yet mandik mau g mandi dulu ya..

**if i hv time, i will update my blog...daaa~

p/s..i miss him..shttttttttttttttttt
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