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26 September 2008


dear bloggers....

**i'll be away from 26th sept until 5 oct...i'll be in Mukah for one week ..yessss

**i'll update if i have time okie..TQ..then, i haven't pack my stuffssss yetttt..miahahha..macam mau terbang jak..

** 4 all my Muslim friends selamat hari raya...ingt...balik dgn PEACE pulang pun dengan PEACE jugak..haha..quote from Pn Dayang yesterday b4 ended our class..

**what else...saya TIDAK sabar mau balik suda...coz i'm alone here..all my housemates sudah chow smua..aiyaaa...what the hell of bored..

p/s gmbr menunjukkan saya betul2 suda boring tahap marimuthu alagapas
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