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21 September 2008

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1246am on 210902008

** actually nottin to do but asgnmt still melambak..

**i have sumthing to share..hehe..share,share n share..always share bah coz i'm boring juak

**all about Manchester United...BUT not me okie.. i buy this is juz for my lil sis ya bh..Fifiey...Fiey, u must appreciate ya...hehhe

**MU pillow already blemish with my enzyme amilase ..hahhaha..kihkihkih..

**MU watch i bought it today..nasib jumpa..

**Keychain ya, i bought the same day with pillow..sanggup ya.

**Fiey, after this you must keeepppp all MU stuffzzz at the safety place..takut tikus makan..hahhaha

** yen un kena belei kew gak new badget..hahaha

**enuff backbone mcm mauk patah sudah..

**better i sleep..nitee...taraaaaa~

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