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22 September 2008

now the time is 1210am

** what i have done???actually i dun know what happen to me..skipppp it!!

**what is sacrifice to you??for me ...very universal..duhh...mula maok berjiwang pagi2..

** need to popek pasal sacrifice la..biar pendam jak..i hv a loads of pending asgnmt..i always like to procrastinating, procrastinating n procrastinating....apa nak jadii..

**actually i really2 boredom ..need sumone to heal the virus of least i can abscond from boredom...

** i suddenly remember nasihat from my eldest brother.."take care urself..bercinta org x larang..asal pandy2 jaga diri..ya he's rigt...thank bro...actually my family always advise me to put my studies as my priority..

**iwwwww....i think tat all for this post eyes become too heavyyyy...i hv class @ 10am la...
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