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23 September 2008

the story begin....

~ naaa..ketemu lagi kita d ruangan jalan2 buang angin..huehue..pelik intro kali ni..heheh

~today, all my classes cancel.huh...rugi jak g kelas..membazir baju jerk..erk.glurp,glurp,glurp

~ not to forget, i still countdown my balik oledy tuesday..tat mean i have 3 day to go back..horeyyyy..then..i also impatient to see our potrait from Brother Zul.yeyeye..x sbr bro mok ngga..kira surprise la tok bro erk even though we have crisis now..x pa.."be patient" brother Zul madah..

~wah...Nama Brother Zul jak byk kali tok..k la..i give credit to Bro Zul la coz done the good job..thank Bro..once again..thank Bro.ishh

~ eventhough U dont have any class today...REMEMBER..U have 3 more pending asgnmt my dear....hahahha....duh...byknya dugaan b4 go backkkkk..

~k la..better i stop here..continue do my asgnmt..
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