|The Comrades|

19 October 2008

part i & ii

part 1

1stly i want to ask YOU..adakah aku terlalu egois?? am i?? plz dun push me to be with u again??i can't..i'm not egois..but i hv others reason y i do this okie..hope u read this post..i only can care of one person @ one time.not more than tat..hope ur understand..& i juz can accept u to be my fwenz.k tenkiu.. saddd..ok the sad part finished k!! we go to part 2..absolutely the happy part..oh yeah baybeh..

part 2

today- outing with him..erm..go to Spring..juz window shopping there..then go to Museum..lepaking, spent time together(chit-chat la kami 2), tgk ikan2 yg semakin "sihat"(saja mau melawat bh).soryy i forgot to take pic there.

continue..lagi ada ni bh..then go to Taman Sahabat(sapa x tau ni tmpt kan)..absolutely @ weekend msty byk org..we bought some bread mau bagi ikan makan kunun..hhaha..memang pun.yeah i hv some pic..plz take a look okie.scrool down baybee..
bread la kan..mau abis suda tue..ignore the blue jean kat kanan tue..sapa ka tu**yeah..the beautiful fish(not sure the name of tat fish)

thank baybeh coz spent time with me today even though u are really2 tired today.i really2 appreciate it.once again.thank u
Terima Kasih

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