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20 October 2008

@ 0105 am my layout back to basic..i think better i prefer to use this layout than the previous layout tat make my pala penin ckit tgk..nottin best i do today..woke up seawal 9am coz plan to go UNIFUN @ FSGK..erm..i gez nottin make me interested there.ouh..i bought new notebook cool pad there..(i will show the pic later k)..i juz take less than 30 minutes there..too bored.then go back panas jugak tat make me tidak ada mood mau join tat fiesta..whee1!! already 011am ..but my mata macam tidak mau tutup jak..apa tidak nya..seari2 membuta atas katil..huahauuahu..ahakz..erm..disebabkan mata tidak mau i more interested to search this stuff.."NASI KANGKANG"..penah dgr??maybe u already know what the nasi kangkang mean especially to guy.. erm..saya br penah dgr itu nama after i watching kehangatan lantana last nite @ tv3(ala yg Fasha sandha & adi putra berlakon tue)..then saya interested mau tau apa sebenar cta d sebalik 2..either it dongeng@ benar..

nasi kangkang is the tactic tat women make their husband listen to every word they say by using this tactic...(gila punya women) kotor the person did this!!yaksss...sanggup dorang erk..from the fact tat i pembuat tue will put the rice under kangkang mereka..after tat the "juice"will flow into the ric..eee.yaksss.enuff2..gila siott mereka..tidak sanggup saya..this nasi kangkang memang berkesan..but they must make it again after 6 months..durjana....

p/s all the men careful especially who hv orang gaji Indonesia coz this nasi kangkang is from Indonesia..

erm..moral of tat story also shown at the end of the movie..rasakan..sapa suh menduakan suami..mula memang fed up la tgk crta tue..but at the end membawa a thousand value to who watched tat movie.
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