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27 October 2008

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** 7 things u must know about me..Not Miley Cyrus song But this is the tag okieee

1. INTERNET.internet is the most important stuff in my life..even i'm in toilet..i will still hv energy to cepat2..bcoz of internet..hahhaa...naaaa..betapa influenced nya internet kat aku. sony ericksson..duhh..i plan want to change my SE again eventhough i baru pakai kurang dr setaun..cepat buhsan u know...heheh..BUt no money la..:(..(critical problem ya.)ouhhh..hope i will get the new one soon..lalalala..

3.MUSIC..ouh of the important component in my life..i gez if i not listen music dalam sehari..rasa mcm mau mati..i can't breath..ouhhh..i really2 addicted listening modern rawks.but sumtimes my mood cam definetely change to jiwang.hhahaha..then download the new song.ouh yeah..tra la la la..

4.WASTING TIME..ouh yeah....i really2 hate people unpanctual wif time(refer tp my previous post)..for me..time is too precious..wpun aku ni jenis yg mcm ni...BUT i still can utamakan the important thing if berkenaan dgn masa

5.STICK WITH ONE..lalala...i oledi decide to stick wit U..(i dun mean U la..pembaca blog)..i mean him..eheks..Y?? coz of trusting, loving,missing,etc..haha..tidak kira tsunami or else..i will pegang ur janji..ouhh,,stop!!

6.FUTURE.. ouhh..i'm still confused about my future..apa nak jadi ngan ko ni Ley....i'm the one who still mencari my own future..(dun worry..i will start find it now)owh yeah..jangan jak destroy my future..

7. SCOOTER(EGO S)..yaa...sampai terlupa most of my lovely thing td...hehe. to my dear scoot..i know "U" dissapointed to me lately coz ur badan tidak d bersihkan sampai sebulan..arghh..jgn slah fikir my dear scoot..i oledi transfer to another apartment..then very22 hard to find place to basuh ur body my dear scoot..BUT i still care of "U" & love u my dear scoot as a 2nd important tat i love..hehehhe
Terima Kasih

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