|The Comrades|

26 October 2008


** woah...what the hell of bored..too bored eventhough br ja balit dr kuar..wawawa..

**.outing with him..spent time together with him..BUT still not enuff..i gez 24 hours still not enuff to spent time with him..really still miss him..i dun know y..maybe angau kali..ouhh..lalalla...i born to make u happy xyg...hope our love will forever..duhh..what the hell i merepek here..hehehe..sebenarnya x da benda nak dcakap...tat y ckp bnda merepek..msty u all boring kan
** we r born to love each other..ahaksss
**the potrait usually painted by abg Zul..thank bro...really appreciate it..nice potrait i ever had..the two of our potrait is not same kan..besa la dh barang lukis..bukan scan..ahaksss..BUT..sgt tersgtttt la baguihhh..thank once again bro..

**ouhh x lama lg final exam..juz hv one week to study all subject..BUT i still not yet start my revision..ouh lala..ya la kan..still dengan benda2 mcm ni...ala...bukan buang masa juga kan..(angguk2 la, x sokong ker)..then my last paper on 11th nov..ahaks..yippie..go back to Mukah la.hv one month rest..yuhuuuu..(betapa gembiranya hati) sukkkk...go back kch again 28th dec..ouhhhh so come can 28 la...eeee...
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