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15 November 2008

in love with my future......cakk

yehaaaaa..go back to Mukah....whee!!!!.betapa sakainya aku mau balik room beryyyyyy2 0bsenced..ouh..need to sapu it again..duh...finally todayy...b4 go back... i spent a lot of my time with love again...

then his mother talked to me(phone conversation) need go back to Mukah..stay with them.lgpun cuti sebulan heart macam mau kuar menjerit2(mau mau mau)..But ..while my heart other sense appear...arghhh...hmmm..i miss my Mukah very very very much(thisssssssssssssssssssssss much..naaaa).so..i mesti balik la..maybe next time lah okie..hehhehe..woahh..bahagianya(gik berangan).

ouh ya..i need to stop popek2 here..around 2 jicky will arrive to ambik my scoot.simpan d rumahnya saja la...da....
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