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12 November 2008


ouhh...demn!!! eyes mcm mau naked jak malam ni..susah mau tutup..tau la exam suda hbs..maybe my eyes over happy..hahhaa..who know lah kan..naaa...oleh kerana my lovely eyes tidak mau tutup..i spent my time in front my laptop n smsing with one of my best fwenz..

suddenly..i attracted with his Q..he asked me..what is ur perception about i handsome?cute?intelligent?lot of joke?ugly?stupid?..ouhh..then i answered him..i dun have right to jugde mcm mana dia coz i'm not his gf..i only his i think i can't answerd tat Q..then he gv time to me think about it...argh...dun add more stuff in my head..tidak mau saya..okie..i'll try to think his character..not now..but..bila2..bila aku ada masa free..hehhe..naaa..this is the part how i spent my free time this nite....(smsing)...

then..i try to change my blog layout & searching the suitable layout...BUT,but.but..smua layout yg aku search..smua x matching..maybe i'll stich with this layout..chantek jugak kan..suka aku tgk.y i like this layout??

1. tidak memakan masa yg lama utk loading(for me la.)but depend to ur internet connection gak ba..

2. i like black kaler..hitam itu menawan

3.not to crowded..i hate it..nmpk mcm serabut jak kan...

4.simple but beutiful..

naa...tat y la i stick with this one.. the same time, check my email, MSN, fs,search the hp software..

ehs...i think my punggung rasa macam sudah berbentuk segi empat & my backbones macam mau patah...saya mau baring okieee....(tito sebnr..sok mau berjalan lagi sama itu makcik hanim)

ok da..
Terima Kasih

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