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13 November 2008



hahaha..finally i found the suitable layout with me.."contradiction" erk. woke up @1150am..gud girl kan...uishhh...apa x nya...last nite sleep around 3am..huhu...

ouh..blom mandi..dun know wat to do..suddenlyt corn cross in my mind & call ija to buy the corn...waiting corn from ija..she buy @ cempaka cafe..then mr jicky call me seawal 10am ..informed me tat they want to breakfast with me..ouh..breakfast aper nyer...lagi berguling2 ni..gv time to me to prepared..ouh no..i can't make it..i oledi hv appointment with ija..hahha..

around xayang call...ouh...disturb my dreaming's ok..juz want to inform me tat he confirm to meet me this friday b4 i go back to Mukah..yes!!!!..(trus bersemangat aku dengar..sambil gosok2 taik mata) thank my dear..

now...i want to mandi, prepare myself to chit-chat with ija lg..haha..ouhh no..laundry my cloth b4 i pack it..huhuhu
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