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21 October 2008

land of confusion .

heya peepssssss...

ya....ouh...dun know where to start it....i dun know y this nite i suddenly open n dgr the jiwang song such as ayat2
cinta, lovebugs,etc..then gv tat song to the toggle repeat..hahaha..ouhh..once againn..
plz la..plz stop hentam2 me for the stuff tat u not reli sure okie..argh juz shut up ur mouth there okie.then one more thing...dun judge me if u dont know me..

back to the main thing tat i want to share today..

ya..yesterday is our presentation for HRP,myself..very22 exasperation..the whole class had lost 1% quiz mark coz not wore formal dress..s*ck it..(plz argh..saya pakai lg).arghh..BUT y the whole class kena tempias nya.. then her oweys want to tinggi2kan other pelengkap student from the other faculty..arghh..(who care)..

i know some of my comrades really2 not satisfied what she did to us..then..abu??(i mean 1 of the presentor)..his voice suddenly sound excited when **** deducted half of his group coz he & one of the lady wore informal dress while present..ahakz...tedah..

Leong??jicky said leong mcm MCA president while he present his group findings..sound funny but i saluted to Leong coz he sahut our cabaran eventhough our lect said he juz reading the whole thing in the slide..shah rezza voice??very222 sad..romantic gitu while present..hingga buat the whole class feel sleepy..leong gunting rambut coz of the excited him to present..n this is the 1st time i saw him present in front of the class..extra crdt to him..

then jickky said tat all of them ermm..a bit funny & dat boost up my energy to laf..but it doesn't mean dat i'm condem them..not me okie..

ouhh...enuff mengumpat here..i dun want to go court after this coz of this oledy 0155am..feel veryyyy hepy coz tommorow the whole day i hv free time(claz x da tue bah)..arghh..BUT the mid term disturb my mood to take 24 hours rest..wouhhh...
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