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23 October 2008

dont seperate them

Name: Ledia
Age: 21 baybeh
Nickname: Ley, baby ley..hahha
Do you have a best friend, if so who?
= i have lots of best friend,they r ija, hanim,jicky,izan n byk gik la
Do you tell them everything?
= nOt everything.if u trust them 100%,then maybe i will told them everything
Would you die for them..
= argh...sik mauk ku
Do you have any secrets that no one knows?
= ya of coz..onlyme know
Do you drink?
= nOw? owh noooo
Do you smoke?
= ahakz..nope
Have you ever cut yourself on purpose?
= nt sure about tat
If so do you still do it?
= nt sure la syg
If you know, why do you do it?
= i dont know..
Have you ever considered suicide?
= wheee!!!pendek akal
Are you a happy person?
= depend to my mood
Sad, Depressed?
= just now..a lil bit la
Who is the one person that can always make you laugh?
= him
What are you feeling right now?
= tension when final exam suda dekat
Do you hate yourself?
= sumtymes~
Do you like yourself?
= sumtymes osO..hehe
If you could be anyone else in the world, would you and if so who?
= i will be my very own self
Do you get a long with your parents?
= yeshh~
Are your parents still together?
= of course dewhh~
Do they fight a lot?
= noo laaa...
Do you wish they were still together?
= yeahh...until they die
If they're still together do you want them to separate?
= nooo.gila kauu...dont separate themm
Have you ever run away?
= for wat??
Are you a virgin?
= of course..huhu~
Do you think you're fat?
=he say i'm a lil bit fat now..OMG
Do you believe in God?
= very much~
What is the one thing that you wish had never happened?
= breakaway
If you could have one wish come true, what would it be?
=whee!!secret bah
Are you a boring person?
= no i gez..they like me bh
Your life is probably perfect already but how could it be more perfect?
= nobody my life also not perfect yet
Do you feel you are boring your loved ones?
= duhh..if he treat me like a boring person, then i will treat them more boring..naaa
Are you single?
= yes but not available..:D
If so, do you have a crush?
= ahakzz gezz..
Have you ever gotten drunk?
= long time
Are you prude?
= err~ no idea about this~
Are you smart, ugly, pretty,or trustworthy?
= trustworthy perhaps~
How many pairs of shoes do you have that actually fit?
= i din count~
How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
= ahaksz
What color(s) is your room?
= UNI-white
What time do you usually go to bed? wake up?
= not consistent~
Do you wear make up?
= nOo..
What size shoe are you?
= 6-7~
Do you have a computer/laptop in your room?
= yupp..
What pieces of jewelery do you wear everyday?
= necklace
What annoys you?
= final exam
When is your birthday?
= 16th sept 1987
Whats the easiest thing ever to do?
= eat~
Are you afraid of heights?
Do you like to joke?
= very much~
Where did you go for kindergarten?
One memory you will never forget?
=with fwenz

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