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21 October 2008

makan makan

ya...@ Mukah Social network happening with people who chit-chat bout makanan Mukah..a lil bit miss when recalled again the memory with him, i know how precious fwenz to me..they are a part of my life..without fwenz,maybe i can't survive here n maybe i can't waded all the challenges as long as my age now..thank fwenz...eventhough we have conflict to each other...but..u still my fwenz..not just today..but 4-ever... erm seriously am a type of fwenz yg agak ngokgek ckit..cepat kecik ht,merajuk despite a bit of joke.but i still ur fwenz kan..maybe i should change my ngokngek attitude..okie..better i stop here b4 my minyak makin naik..hahha..

actually a bit bored n sleepy rite now.plan to study career development for mid term exam..huh..y i'm veryyyy lazy sekarang hah..


wake up from nightmare okie....
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