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24 October 2008

i hate waiting people too longgggggggg

**naaaaa bisa kan title ku kali ni...of coz i veryyyy muchhhh hate waiting people too panctual okie...time is too precious despite i'm one of the person who like tok spent more time in front my lovely laptop..BUT, if i hv sumthing more important...i will sacrified my it okie...

**ah...i think i will post more related to my title above..u know y??coz this is the only one place tat i can vomit all my feeling..hahhaa..who care kan..everyone hv the opportunity to vomit it..hahahha...grab the opportunity..kihkihkih..

** more..y u really not appreciate what i hv done to u all..if u think tat u able to do this stuff...okie truskan..BUT dunt ever judge the people by outside only okie..blom cuba blom tau..kalau pandai sgt..buat la sndri...huh..(hope u read this)

**arghh btul2 panas hati jugak to people who tidak penah mau mengalah eventhough he/she already know he/she is in the wrong position..arghhh..hate it!! apa salah ngaku jer...i gez it not too hard to say "okie..i surrender" too easy la beb..

**one more thing...dun judge the book by its mean..dun judge people by outside jer okie..i hate the type of tat people..sorry la if my word this post is veryyyyy dirty,bad..coz i'm the type of people who straight to the point....

** opsss...b4 i end this popek, lastly i want to apologize to people who "terasa" okie..i bukan mau condemkan u all k ..BUT..i really2 not satisfied for what u hv did to me..people really not appreaciated what i hv done to themm..really2 sad kan...ouhhhhh..saddddd
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